It All Started With An Idea...100 Years Ago

Betsy.Day.2014.smallA little over 100 years ago in Cleveland, banker, lawyer, and former mayor Frederick H. Goff had a novel idea. His vision was to pool the charitable resources of Cleveland's philanthropic minded citizens, living and dead, into a single, impactful, and permanent endowment for the betterment of his community.

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Investing for Impact

betsy dayThe Community Foundation, since 2011, has allocated resources for grants we call "strategic grants." Our strategic grant journey began in 2009, when one of the Board of Trustees three-year strategic planning initiatives was to become more focused in its efforts to improve lives in Frederick County.

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Honoring the Citizen Servant

betsy dayI didn’t know Janis Miller Wertheimer well while she was alive, but I feel like I know her better in the years since she passed. Many remember her dedication to her community, her volunteer efforts, her enjoyment of a lively conversation, and her desire to make Frederick County a better place to live and work.

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Spring has sprung!

betsy dayI am feeling poetic today. Hope you enjoy my brief summary of what’s happening at the Community Foundation this month!

Spring has sprung.
The grass is green
Trees are budding
Gone is winter’s scene.

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The word of the day is….

betsy dayI like words. Writing words. Speaking words. Playing word games. Having my own personal “word of the day.”

I choose a word each morning and try to use it as often as possible during the day. Additionally, I listen carefully to see how many times those around me use my chosen word. It’s my own personal game with myself as the only player.

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Faith, Hope and Love at the Community Foundation

Betsy.santa.xsmallHoliday music is playing, lights adorn our windows, and our society has now officially entered the season emphasizing faith, hope and love.

Faith, Hope and Love…this just isn’t just a season or a six-week period for us. We see these embodied throughout the year in the faces of our donors, in the actions of our grantees and scholars, and in the stewardship of our trustees and staff.

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“If not for…”

betsy dayWatch out, Frederick County! I have a new approach to sharing the Community Foundation’s accomplishments.

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Gaining "Sight" Through Site Visits

betsy daySeeing is believing! Over the next couple of weeks, our trustees are visiting our grantees to discuss the use of their strategic grants over the past year. These grantees are the nonprofits that received money to prepare children for kindergarten, provide services to the homeless and individuals and families facing possible eviction, and access to healthcare for the underinsured.

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Circular Tales

betsy dayWhen my children were younger, I loved reading circular tales to them. My favorite was “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff, which tells the tale of a boy who gives a cookie to a mouse, the mouse subsequently asks for milk, then a straw, a mirror, a nap, followed by other things and eventually the story goes back to the cookie. It all started because of the cookie.

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betsy dayThe Community Foundation’s domain name of has never been easy to remember or say. If you look at it sideways, you can see The Community Foundation of Frederick County in the name, but that means getting the letters placing the letters in the correct order (and maybe tilting your head to the left or right).

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Here’s a HUGE shout-out to our Scholarship Committee members

betsy dayHere’s a HUGE shout-out to our Scholarship Committee members who scored scholarship applications and met with fund representatives over the past several months. Through their volunteer service, each application receives a thorough and fair review and the Community Foundation remains compliant with IRS regulations. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

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It’s ok to call me Nancy

My name is Betsy.  My parent-given name is Elizabeth, but no one has ever called me that except my doctor’s office, our former Board secretary, and my mother when she was angry.

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Peep Time

It’s almost Easter, and thousands of boxes of Peeps have hit the store shelves. In the old days, there was only one kind of Peep – the yellow chick. Now, Peeps come in every color, shape, and size, for every holiday. Just this week, one of the vendors at the 2013 Nonprofit Summit gave away boxes of bright pink bunny Peeps, with a tag that said “nonprofit Peeps.” I thought this was a very clever idea, but I should have brought home two boxes, because my box of pink bunny Peeps is now missing all their ears.

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Dear Santa:

Ho ho ho from Frederick County!

From your telescope at the North Pole, I am sure that you can see all of the good things that are happening in Frederick County.  I also know that you and your elves have been scrutinizing your lists, checking them twice, and figuring out who has been naughty and nice.  Yes, we anxiously await your annual trip to Frederick County!

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