FY2013 Donors

The Community Foundation sincerely thanks all individuals and organizations who gave so generously during fiscal 2013*. We are very grateful to each donor for their contribution that not only creates positive impact and change now, but for the future, too. You can find a list of FY2012 Donors here.

*Fiscal 2013 was July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.



1st Mariner Bank

Ms. Belal Abdallah

Ms. Mary G. Abell

Able & Willing International Education Foundation

Ms. Elinor M. Abrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Acerenza

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. M. Richard Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Adams

Ahold Financial Services

Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. Albrecht

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Alcorn, III

Mr. Bretton Alexander

Ms. Patricia Alexander

Alicia L.

Mr. and Mrs. John Allemang

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Allen

Mr. Yunita Allen

Mrs. Anne B. Allen

Ms. Erin Allen

Alliance to Med Chi

Mr. Kenneth W. Allread

The Stacy Allwein Team

Dr. Christine Aloi

Ms. Fannie E. C. Alston

AM1450 The Source

Ms. Helen M. Amabile

Tim and Janice Ambrose

American Legion Auxiliary Gold Star Unit 191

Anderabi Enterprises DBA McDonald's 2290

William Bert Anderson Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O. Anderson

Ms. Karen Anderson

Rev. Fr. Alister C. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Andochick

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Angleberger

Anonymous Donors

Ms. Joyce H. Anthony and Mr. Larry Mundy

Ms. Lianne Appelt

Dr. Gerardo Araiza

Mr. James Arko

Ms. Rachael A. Armistead

Ms. Dorinne S. Armstrong

Ms. L. Nancy Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Earle L. Arnold, Jr.

Ms. Sally A. Arnold

C. Burr Artz Public Library

Mr. M. Dunbar Ashbury, Jr.

Association of Baltimore City Public Schools Retirees, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Augustine

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Aulls

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Ausherman

Mrs. April M. Horn - Ausherman

Ausherman Family Foundation, Inc.

Ausherman Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ayers

Mr. Edward Ayers

AYS Staffing, Inc.

Mr. Victor Azari


Ms. Doris M. Bailey

Nevin Baker Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Mr. John E. Baker

Mrs. Albertine H. Baker

Ms. Carol M. Baker and Mr. John T. Olinski

Mr. Frederic F. Balgooyen

Mr. and Mrs. Isam E. Ballenger

Baltimore County Retired School Personnel Association, Inc.

Bank of America

Banner School

Bar Association of Frederick County, MD, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis R. Barber

Ms. Hope Barefoot

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Barger

Mrs. Regina B. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Barrick

The Honorable and Mrs. Samuel W. Barrick

Ms. Victoria Lynn Barron

Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Bartgis, Jr.

Mr. Ian P. Bartman

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Basford

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Basford
Mr. Bryan Baskin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bastide

Battelle National Biodefense Institute

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Bauder

Ms. Mary Ann Bauer

Mr. John M. Baumer

Mr. Justin M. Baylor

BB&T of Maryland

Beacon Associates, Inc.

Ms. Suzanne E. Beal

Mr. Timothy Bean

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling E. Beard

Ms. Anne P. Beck

Mr. John E. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Beck-Gutjahr

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bednar

Mr. and Mrs. David Beeson

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Begg

Barbara B. Bell, DDS

Mr. Derek J. Bell

Ms. Marilyn V. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Bello

Ms. Erin Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Humberto Benitez

Mr. and Mrs. R. Carl Benna

Ms. Nicole D. Berardi

Mr. and Mrs. Julio L. Bergantino

Ms. Catherine Bergin

Ms. Lauren Bergstein

Ms. Susan N. Bergstralh

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Berkheimer

Dr. Joseph I. Berman

Mr. David C. Bernet

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bernhard

Ms. Diane Bernoske

Ms. Susan C. Best

Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Zeta Master Chapter No. MA 1216

Mr. Karl W. Bickel

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Biddinger

Ms. Traci Bidinger

Mr. Thomas E. Bikle

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Billian

Ms. Mary Birnbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Birzer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Bisesi

Ms. Nancy L. Bittle

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Black

Mrs. Emma L. Black

Ms. CJ Black

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Blackledge, II

Mr. William H. Blakeslee

Ms. Genevieve Blanco

Mr. Michael Blasinsky

Ms. Juliette Blasor

Ms. Dianne Block and Mr. Carl Plum

Ms. Dragana Blonder

Mrs. Janis D. Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradford Blough

BlueRidge Bank

Blue Ridge Grill, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Blumenauer

Ms. Paula K. Blundell

Mr. William Bodine

Mr. Robert D. Bodovsky

Mr. Daryl A. Boffman

Mr. Jeffrey D. Bogart

Mr. Joshua Bokee

Ms. Jane G. Bolger

Ms. Debbie Bolin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Boller

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bolling

Ms. Damara Bolte

Mr. William H. Bolton

Bonnemaison, Inc.

Mr. Sam Boo

Ms. Patti Borda

Debra S. Borden, Esq.

Ms. Virginia Borggaard

Ms. Jennifer Bossle

Ms. Kristina Bostick

Ms. Dianne Botta

Mr. Michael Bottorff

Mr. and Mrs. O. Ray Bourland

Mr. and Mrs. Orley R. Bourland

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Bowers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Bowers, Jr.

Ms. Barbara D. Bowers

Ms. Bretta Gibbs Bowers

Mr. Rick Bowie

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bowman

Ms. Virginia L. Bowser

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Boyer, Jr.

Ms. Jennifer Boykin

Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County, Inc.

Mrs. Elizabeth Brady

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Brand

Ms. Bonita Brandl

Ms. Damian Yewell Branson

Ms. Rita Bratcher

Ms. Carol S. Breeze

Mr. Peter Brehm

Ms. Annette Breiling

Lt. Col. Dennis A. Brekhus

Brewers' Association of Maryland

Briddell, O'Neill Gift Fund

Bridges Drywall, Inc.

Ms. Sharon Briggles

Mrs. Eleanor D. Briggs

Ms. Lisa Brinks

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Broadrup

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Broll

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bronder

Brook Lane Health Services, Inc.

Ms. Samantha Brooks

Brown's Jewelry and Gift Store

Ms. Angela Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brown

Ms. Julie Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely T. Brown, Jr.

Mr. Robert Brown

Mr. William D. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Browning

Mr. William H. Browning, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brunk

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Brust

Mrs. Pamela Bruzan

The Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Bufter

Ms. Donna Buitrago

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Burgee

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Burgee

Mr. and Mrs. John Burkett

Mr. Matthew L. Burkhardt

Mrs. Frances W. Burlas

Ms. Ashley Burns

Ms. Dana Burns

Ms. Jill Burns

Mr. Steve Burrier

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Bush

Ms. Lorraine Bush and Ms. Mary Brown


Mr. and Mrs. William Busico

Mr. Albert G. Butler

Ms. Alice J. Butler

Mark and Susan Butt Saturday Mornings Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Goodloe E. Byron, Jr.

Ms. Beverly B. Byron


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Caccese, II

Ms. Jaime Cacciola

Mr. Dayton Caddy

Cafe Rio

Ms. Suzanne M. Cain

Mr. Andrew Caine

Mr. Ronald R. Caldwell

Ms. Linda A. Callahan

Calvert Retired School Personnel Association

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Ms. Kathy J. Campagnoli

Mr. WM. Campbell

Ms. Joy H. Campbell

Ms. Rosemarie T. Canavan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Cannada

Mr. David E. Carmack

Mr. Marion D. Carmack, Jr.

Carney, Kelehan, Bresler, Bennett & Scherr, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Carpel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carr

Ms. Mary Lawrence Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Carter

Mr. Thomas C. Carter

Ms. Veronica Carter

Mr. and Mrs. David Casadei

Julie Ann Robertson Cashour Memorial Fund

Ms. Mary C. Cashour

Dr. Manuel Casiano and Dr. Carmen Hernandez

Ms. Susanne L. Cassidy

Mr. and Mrs. Garth A. Castle

Catoctin Area FFA Alumni Assocation

Catoctin Forest Alliance, Inc.

Catoctin High School Sports Boosters, Inc.

Catoctin Medical Center, Inc.

Catoctin Mountain View Farm

Ms. Barbara A. Catron

Dario Cavazos/Edward Jones

Central Maryland Farm Equipment Dealers Association

Mrs. Avaleen S. "Jill" Chadwick

Mr. Edward Chaney

Ms. Kimberly S. Chaney

Chapin & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Chapin

Mrs. Melodie M. Charles

Ms. Patricia E. Charuhas

Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Chase

Ms. Sandra L. Chase-Hargett

Mr. William Chatfield

Estate of John and Katherine Cheatham

Ms. Carol Checkley

Chic to Chic, Inc.

Child Advocacy Center of Frederick County

China Garden Chinese Restaurant

Mr. Stanley R. Chiu

Mr. Andrew Chung


City Cab of Frederick, LLC

The City of Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Civitella

Mrs. Elizabeth Clagett

Mr. and Mrs. James Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Clark

Ms. Kimberly A. Clark

Ms. Leanne Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clary

Ms. Shauna Clay

Ms. Charisse Cleare

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Cleveland, Jr.

Mr. Dennis Clifford

Dr. and Mrs. Casper E. Cline, III

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Cline

Mrs. Vivian S. Clipp

Mr. Jude Clover

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Clusman

CMB Accounting, LLC

Ms. Patricia Coates

Ms. Lisa Y. Coblentz

The Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cochran

Ms. Helen Codron

Ms. Janet B. Cody

Ms. Elena Coelho

Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Coffelt

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cohen

Mrs. Michelle M. Cohen

Ms. Marsha S. Cohen

Ms. Mary Ann Cohen

Dr. Nancy H. Colburn and Mr. Jack Farrell

Ms. Ashley Collier

Ms. Lisa Collins

Mrs. Serene Q. Collmus

Colonial Jewelers, Inc.

Ms. Chris Colville


Combined Federal Campaign of Central Maryland

Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Commito

The Committee for Frederick County

Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County

Community Health Charities of MD

Concept C Marketing & Design LLC

Conklyn & Associates Law Firm

Ms. Siobhan Connellan

Ms. Maureen S. Connors

Ms. Helen H. Conte

Ms. Frances E. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Cooley

Ms. Allison L. Cooley

Mrs. Mary Anne Cooling

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Copeland

Ms. Evelyn C. Cordner

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cornelison

Mr. Patrick Cornelison

Mr. John Corney

Ms. Kathleen Costlow and Mr. John D'Amore

Ms. Sarah Costlow

Council No.1622, Knights of Columbus

Country Meadows of Frederick Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Court

Mrs. Virginia M. Covahey

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cowperthwaite, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Cox, Jr.

Ms. Catherine B. Cox

Ms. Joan K. Cox

Ms. Sally A. Crawford

Mrs. Sylvia J. Creamer

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Creasey

Ms. Ann M. Crehan

Ms. Carol H. Croall

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Cromwell

Ms. Sandra Crone

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Croson

William E Cross Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Katie Crowe

Mel Crum Farm Equipment

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde C. Crum

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Crum

Mr. Arthur C. Crum, Jr.

Mr. Charles C. Crum, III

Mr. Graham Cullen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cumberland

Ms. Kelly N. Cummings

Ms. Sarah M. Cummings

Ms. Patricia Custer



Mr. Ira O. Daar

Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Dallavalle

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dallavalle

Dallavalle & Co., P.A.

Ms. Ralene Damanti

Mr. James Damato

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard V. D'Amore

Mr. and Mrs. John D. D'Amore

Dance Masters of America Chapter 17, Inc.

Dancing Bear Toys, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Daniel

Mr. John Daniels and Ms. Judith A. Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Danner

Ms. Heather A. Dapsauski

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Dardanell

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Daugherty

Ladd and Patsy Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Todd K. Davis

Mr. Bob Davis

Ms. Judy H. Davis

Ms. Stephanie Davis

Ms. Terri K. Davis

Ms. Krista A. Davisson

The Law Offices of Michael G. Day & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Day

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Day

Mr. John M. Day

Ms. Patricia A. Dayhoff

Ann and Don DeArmon

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Deering

Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.

The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Delaplaine

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Delauter

Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Delawder

Ms. Carrie Delente

Mr. and Mrs. Attilio Demarco

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Dennison

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dennison

Ms. Sheri L. Dennison

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Denton

Mr. Melvin D. Denu

Ms. Brenda Denu

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Derflinger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Derr

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Derr

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Dertzbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dertzbaugh

Ms. Veronica DeSimone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Devilbiss

Mr. Michael D. Di Leo

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Diamondstone

Mr. Daniel M. Dickson

Ms. Tara Diffenbaugh

Ms. Lorraine G. Disque

Diversions Publications, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dixon, Jr.

Mr. WM. Bryan Dixon


Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Dodson

Dr. and Mrs. Carroll A. Doggett

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Doggett

Mr. Greg Dohrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Doll, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dominik

Ms. Julie A. Donat

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan E. Doolittle

Ms. Erin Doolittle

Ms. Comfort Dorn

Mrs. Joshua W. Dorsey, III

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Douds

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Dougherty

Mr. Joseph D. Douglass

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dennis Dove

Ms. Linda Dove

Ms. Mary V. Dove

Ms. Corrinne Downs

Downtown Piano Works

Ms. C. Jean Doyle

Joyce A. Draper, CPA

Law Office of Mary McGuirk Drawbaugh, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Travis A. Drawbaugh

Mrs. Ruth C. Dredden

Ms. Mary G. Drew

Ms. Elaine Driver

Ms. Judith M. Drum

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Drury

D'Souza Financial Strategies

Mr. Richard Dufresne

Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Hayden B. Duke

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Duls, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Duncan

Mr. Christopher M. Durban

Ms. A. Catherine Durst

Ms. Janice M. Durst

Dustin & Courtney, Inc.

Dustin Construction

Ms. Nancy S. Dutterer

Mr. Richard F. Dyer

Mrs. Miriam Dyer


Ms. Dorothy S. B. Early

Ms. Sharon Early

East Street LLC

Ms. Stephany East

Mrs. Sarah L. Easterday

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Easton

Ms. Earlene P. Easton

Ms. Marilyn Easton

Dr. David L. Eaton

Ms. Amanda Ebert

Edelman Financial Services LLC

Mr. Paul M. Edens

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Ediger

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Edmonds

Mr. Albert E. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks R. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Eigenbrode

Mrs. Greta Elbert

Mrs. Anne E. Elkins

Ms. Nancy Jo Eller

Ellin & Tucker, Chartered

Ms. Taitia L. Elliott

Mr. William G. Elsen


Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Emmerich

Enforme Interactive, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Engel

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. English

Enola, Inc.

Enterprise RAC Company of Maryland, LLC

Ms. Patricia G. Ericsen

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Eskridge

Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Evans

Ms. Donna Evans

Ms. Jocelyn A. Everroad

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Exline

Ms. Cindy Eyer

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Eyler, Jr.

Mr. Jerry C. Eyler

Ms. Judith L. Eyler


Facka Sports

Mr. Joseph F. Fairchild

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fairfax

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fairley

The Family Heritage Trust Company

Mr. Douglas C. Favorite

Ms. Susan K. Favorite

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius R. Fay, III, LTC (Ret)

FCB Crestwood Branch

Ms. Caroline R. Feaga

Mr. Michael Felton

Ms. Jessica Feltz

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Fender

Fenestra Technologies Corporation

Ms. Diane E. Ferren

Ms. Karen L. Fetterly

Mr. Matthew Feuer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Feys

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fielder

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Fields

Ms. Elizabeth Fields

Mr. PaulFitzgerald/Fitzgerald Architects

First Energy

First Touch Soccer, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. S. Fish

Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. David J. A. Fisher

Mrs. Alice L. Fisher

Ms. Anne S. Fisher

Ms. Eleanor W. Fisher

Ms. Lynn Fisher

Ms. Jessica E. Fitzwater

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Flanagan

Ms. Catherine A. Fleming

Ms. Leah D. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Flora

Ms. Jaquelyn B. Flowers

Glenn H. Fogle & Sons Electric Inc,

Mr. David A. Fogle

H. Frank Foland & Son, Inc.

Ms. Ronda J. Foland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Foltyn

FoodPRO Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ford

Mrs. Jean A. Foreman

Mark H. Forrester

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Forsythe

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Forsythe

Fort Detrick Alliance, Inc.

Ms. Marybeth P. Fossett

Fountain Rock Management Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fout

Ms. Corby Fowler

Ms. Elizabeth Fowlkes

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Fox, Jr.

Mr. Kerry Fox

Ms. Maura D. Fox

Nancy Nicodemus Franck Nongrantor CLAT

Ms. Tracey Frank

Fraternal Order of Police FSK, Lodge 91, Inc.

Frederick Air, Inc.

Frederick Art Club

Frederick Beer Week LLC

The Frederick Business Properties Company

Frederick County 4-H Beef Sheep & Swine Market Club

Frederick County Bank

Frederick County Bank - East Frederick Branch

Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

Frederick County Association of Counseling and Development

Frederick County Commissioners

Frederick County Pomona Grange

Frederick County Public Schools

Frederick County Association of Realtors, Inc.

Frederick Delights, Inc., Firestone's Culinary Tavern

Frederick High School Class of 1943

Frederick Keys Baseball Club, LLC

Frederick Memorial Hospital, Inc.

The Frederick Motor Company

Frederick Mutual Insurance Company

Frederick Mutual Insurance Company Donor-Advised Fund

Frederick Steeplechaser Running Club

Frederick's Oktoberfest

Frederick Woman's Civic Club, Inc.

Fredericktonian Lodge No. 12 - F & AM

Mr. Darrin Freeman

Ms. Cynthia A. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Frenz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Frey

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Friis

Ms. Joanne Frost

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Frushour

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Frye, III

FSC Phantom Parents

Mr. George W. Fulmer, Sr.

FWCC/Friends of the CAC

Ms. Candice Gaddy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Gaffigan

Ms. Danielle E. Gaines

Mrs. Doris H. Gaither

Ms. Patricia H. Gaither

Ms. Louise Gajewski

Ms. Mary E. Gallagher

Ms. Regina T. Galleher

Ms. Ann M. Gambrill

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gang

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gangawere

Mrs. Susan A. Ganley

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garber

The Garden Club of Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gargan, II

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Garrett

Chris Garrity-Carney

Mr. and Mrs. Austin N. Garver

Mrs. Mary Garwood

Mrs. Myrtle E. Gary

Mr. Cary Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Gatrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Gaver

Ms. Ashley N. Gaver

GE United Way Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gearinger

Ms. Sara Gebase

Ms. Angelique Geffen

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Geisler

Dr. John C. George

Mr. Harry George, III and Ms. Darlene Dolan

Ms. Melanie V. Gettier

Dr. Steven G. Gilbert

Mrs. Freda Gilbert

Ms. Loretta C. Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Gillespie

Mr. Eliot Girsang

Glade Valley Lions Club

Glade Valley Grange

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Gladhill

Ms. Helen W. Glagola

Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Glaser

Ms. Deborah Glass

Ms. Pam Glatfelter

Ms. Vicki Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Glessner

Ms. June E. Glisan

Ms. Kirsten Gloeckner

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Goldberg

Ms. Lettie Golden/Bach & Associates Inc

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

Ms. Sonya E. Goldstein

Ms. Marlo Gonzalez

Goodwill Industries of the Monocacy Valley, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Gordon

Ms. Barbara J. Gordon

Ms. Nancy L. Gordon

Ms. Carole L. Goss

Dr. and Mrs. Ching-Jou Gou

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gouin

Ms. Sandra M. Gouker

Governor Thomas Johnson High School

Ms. Megan E. Grable

Ms. Virginia Grams

Ms. Monica L. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Grau

David S. Greber, P.C.

Green-Walled Garden Club

Mr. James M. Green

Mrs. Dorothy M. Green

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Greene

Ms. Dorothy W. Greene

Ms. Ellen P. Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Gregory, III

Ms. M. Janney Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Greiner

Mr. William L. Griever

Mr. Earl E. Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Grills

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grimaudo

Ms. Diana C. Grimm

Ms. Alice Grimmelsman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grogg

Ms. Marsha Grosinger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gross, Jr.

Ms. Anne-Lynn Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Grossnickle

Ms. Elizabeth M. Grossnickle

Ms. Mary S. Grossnickle

Ms. Kathryn B. Groth

Grove Public Relations LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grove

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Grove

Mr. Bernard L. Grove

Mr. Daniel Grove

Mr. Scott R. Grove

Mrs. Jennifer C. Grove

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Groves

Mr. and Mrs. Tuvy Guss

Mr. and Mrs. Gail T. Guyton

Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Guyton

Mr. Daniel C. Guyton

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Haack

Rev. and Mrs. Theodore E. Haas

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Haber

Ms. Erin K. Hajjar

Mrs. Elizabeth K. Hale

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hall

Ms. Marcia A. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Halleman

Ms. Barbara E. Haller

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Hamilton, Sr.

Ms. Catherine B. Hamilton

Ms. Sharon K. Hamilton

Mr. Jang Han

Mrs. Mary Anna R. Handley

Mrs. Joan R. Hankey

Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Hanson

Ms. Patricia Hansson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Harbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harbaugh

Mr. Robert J. Hardesty

Ms. Nellie M. Harding

Ms. Sara Hardison

Ms. Jane L. Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Hargett, Jr.

Estate of Blanche L. Hargis

Mr. Harry Harne

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert A. Harp, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Harper

Ms. Claudia J. Harrington

Ms. Marilyn V. Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Harris

Ms. Donna L. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Harrison

Ms. P. S Harrison

Mr. Craig Harshey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harshman

Ms. Janice L. Harshman

Ms. Mary Louise Harshman

Dr. and Mrs. Everett T. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hartman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Hartsock

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Hassett

Mrs. Patricia S. Hassett

Ms. Chrisse Hassett

Ms. Janet H. Hassett

Ms. Kathleen Hassett

Richard M. Hassett, CPA

David M. Hasson, D.M.D., P.A.

Ms. Connie Hastings

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Hasty

Law Offices of Haugh & Winters, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Haugh, Jr.

Mr. Carleton S. Hayek and Ms. Heidi B. Most

HBP, Inc.

Ms. Judy Heintzelman

Joan Hendrickson Fund

Mr. and Mrs. D. Hunt Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hendrickson, II

Mr. Caroll H. Hendrickson, Jr.

Mr. G. Alexander B. Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Hengemihle

Mrs. Rachel Cain Hennemuth

Ms. Diane Henson

Dr. Joyce A. Heptner

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Herber

Ms. Mary J. Herber

Kristen Renee Hernandez Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Herold

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Hershey

Ms. Kerri Hesley

Kevin R. Hessler, CPA

Ms. Deborah J. Hewitson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hezlep

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hiban

Ms. Janet Hickman

Ms. Maria Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hill

Mr. Richard I. Hill

Mrs. Janice A. Hill

Ms. Angela Hill

Ms. Robyn Hill

Mrs. Carol S. Hinckley

Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Hindman

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Hinkle

Mr. Darl W. Hinkle

Ms. Cindy M. Hinkle

Ms. Tina Hinton

Hipjunky, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood W. Hipkins

Ms. Joyce A. Hires

Historical Society of Frederick County, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hockenbery

Ms. Marjorie M. Hodges

Hoe and Hope Garden Club

Charles W. Hoff, III and Margaret O. Hoff Family Fund for the Betterment of Frederick County, MD.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hoff, III

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Hoffman

Ms. Sarah Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Holcomb

Holiday Inn & Conference Center

Ms. Sharon Holland

Holly Hills Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Holman

C. Kurt Holter, Photograher

Mr. and Mrs. C. Kurt Holter

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil K. Holter, Jr.

Mrs. Susan B. Holton

Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Holz

Hood College

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hoover

Hope Alive, Inc.

Mr. Harold Hope, III

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Horman

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Horman

Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Horman

Ms. Kaye G. Horr

Mr. and Mrs. E. Wendell Hosley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Houck

Mr. Forest L. Hough

Mr. Hammet W. Hough

Ms. Colette Hough

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll D. House

Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. House

Ms. Linda R. Hovis

Howard County 4-H Livestock Sale Committee

Ms. Alice Hoxie

Ms. Phyllis S. Hoyer

Mr. Tim Hsia

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hubble

Ms. Sara J. Hubble

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hudner

Mr. and Ms. Mark S. Hudson

Mr. J. Richard Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hughes, Jr.

Ms. Krysia Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hundley

Ms. Dixianna Hungerford

Dr. and Mrs. Sean E. Hunt

Ms. Jeanine Hurley

Ms. Patricia L. Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Hurwitz

Ms. Sarah Hurwitz

Mr. Reed Hutner


Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Iager, Jr.

Mr. Jim Iannarone

IBM Employee Service Center

Catherine M. Icard

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ifert

Image Driven, LLC

Vince and Guelda Imirie Fund

ImQuest BioSciences

Inner Wheel of Frederick MD

Mr. and Mrs. Nick G. Intveldt

Mr. and Mrs. Willard R. Isaacs


Ms. Sharon D. Jacko

Georgeann Jackson, CPA

Mr. Matthew J. Jackson

Ms. E. Judith Jackson

Mr. Robert D. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jaeger, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles James

Ms. Gretel T. James

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Janssen

Mr. and Mrs. Darren E. Jarvis

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jarvis

Jefferson Ruritan Club, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Johnson

Ms. Amy K. Johnson

Ms. Estelle R. Johnson

Ms. Jo Anne Johnson

Ms. Ruth B. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Johnston

Ms. Elizabeth A. Arnone

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. James Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Jones

Mrs. Leigh E. Joos

Ms. Stella F. Jordan

Ms. Stephanie M. Jordan

Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Jorgensen

Ms. Ellen F. Jouvenal

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Joy

Mr. James R. Joy, Jr.

Jean Joyce Family Trust

Mr. Jeremy J. Joyce

Ms. Jean M. Joyce


K&S Financial Services, Inc.

Ms. Elizabeth R. Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Kaizer

Mrs. Maureen M. Kallstrom

Mr. Robert W. Kanach

Mr. Chris Kanode

Mr. Gary Kanode

Kaslick, Prete & Kelly LLC

Mary Elizabeth Kaslick, P.A.

Mr. Terrance J. Kavanagh and Ms. Angelika Grossmann

Ms. Jacqueline Keaner

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Keating

Keeney & Basford P.A. Funeral Home

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll H. Kehne

Mr. David A. Kehne

Ms. Jo Ann D. Kehne

Ms. Dianne S. Keilholtz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Keller

Mr. Charles E. Keller, III

Mr. Brian Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund H. Kelly

Ms. Dorothy B. Kelly

Ms. Jewell A. Kemp

Mr. Paul Kendall

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Kennedy

Mr. James L. Kennedy

Ms. Mary V. Kennedy

Mr. Donald Kent

Mr. Tim Keogh

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kerns, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kettlestrings

Ms. Katherine Kibby

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Kight

Ms. Dorothy D. Kight

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kimberlin

Ms. Amy L. Kinard

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kindl

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. King

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. King

Ms. Charlsie King

Mr. Matthew Kinney

Ms. Phyllis A. Kinsinger

Ms. Barbara A. Kinzie

Mr. Justin M. Kiska

Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Klansek

Mr. Adam Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Klein

Mr. Stephan F. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kleinhanzl

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Kline

Mrs. Lucia G. Kline

Ms. Karlys L. Kline and Mr. Thomas E. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Kluttz

Mr. Gregory J. Kneer

Ms. Kristen E. Kneussl

Becky and Joanna Knorp

Mr. Mark A. Knott, Sr.

Ms. Judy L. Knott

Mr. Donnie Knowlson

Mr. John Knudson

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kondig

Ms. Mary Kopczyk

Korean War Veterans Association "Supporters"

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Koss

David W. Kossoff, M.D., P.A.

Ms. Sheila A. Kowalewski

Ms. Kimberley Kraft

Ms. Stacey Krantz

Mr. Robert Krasnansky and Ms. Theresa M. Lochte

Ms. Susan E. Kraus

Ms. Teri Kreitzer

Dr. Peter W. Kremers

Ms. Courtney Kremers

Ms. Lauren Kremers

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Krigbaum

Ms. Carol Krimm

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kripowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuebbing

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kula

Ms. Megan E. Kula Johnson

Mr. Michael Kunkler

Ms. Kathryn M. Kuranda


Ms. Kluane C. Labelle

Ms. Truby LaGarde

Ms. Jennifer B. Laggini

Mr. Eddy Laird

Mr. Daniel J. Lajewski, Jr.

Lallos Restaurants LLC

Ms. Jesse A. Lambert

Ms. Deborah M. Lamperti

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lancaster

Rev. and Mrs. Albert K. Lane, III

Ms. Harriet H. Langlois

Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Lapera

Mrs. Catherine J. Lapointe

Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Larkin

Mr. Edgar W. Larson

Ms. Barbara A. Larson

Ms. Paula M. Larson

Dr. James A. Lautenberger

Leveque I. P. Law, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Lawrence

Lawyers Automotive Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey D. Leach

Nicholas E. Leakins Scholarship Committee

Ms. Carla Lease

Ms. Sarah Lebherz

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Lebo

Mr. Thomas Lechner

Ledo Pizza Systems Inc.

Ms. Jo-Ann F. Lee

Legg Law Firm, LLC

Jack V. Leishear Endowment Fund

Mr. Jack V. Leishear

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Leishman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Lemick

Ms. Rita Lenda

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lenhart

Mr. Marc Lessans

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Lesure

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Levine

Mr. Aaron M. Levinthal

Ms. Allison Levitt

Lewis Media Partners, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Lewis, Jr.

Mr. Donald L. Lewis

Ms. Tana Lewis

Ms. Barbara Li

Martin J. Licker, CPA, A Professional Corp.

Life Management Services LLC

Ms. Phyllis A. Liley

Linganore High School Alumni Association, Inc.

Linganore New Market Community Show

Linganore Oakdale Urbana Youth Athletic Association

Mr. Edward Lingg

Ms. Barbara Linthicum

Ms. Ruby Marie Linthicum

Mr. and Mrs. A. Patrick Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Linton

Mrs. M. Rebecca Linton

Ms. Alice V. Linton

Ms. Donna K. Linton

Linton Shafer Computer Services Inc.

Linton Shafer Warfield & Garrett, P.A.

Lions Club of Frederick, Inc.

Mr. Wesley B. Lippert

Mr. Alban M. Little

Mrs. Peter C. Lizas

Ms. Jane Lodge

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Loeper

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Long

Lonza Walkersville Inc.

Ms. Renee Lopez

Mr. Harry M. Louden

Mr. Edward H. Lough/Northwestern Mutual

Ms. Ann Burnside Love

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Lowe

Ms. Luverine Lowe

Mr. Peter C. Loysen

Ms. Kathaleen A. Lucey

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Luck

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lufkin

Ms. Christina M. Lund

Jeff and Deedee Luttrell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Luttrell

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lyles

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lyman

Mr. Thomas E. Lynch, III


M&T Charitable Foundation

Ms. Courtney Mabeus

Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Mackintosh


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maestri

Mr. Ashton Magaha

Magoo's Pub & Eatery

Charles V. & Louise D. Main Fund for Community Foundation

Mr. Andrew Main

Ms. Brenda M. Main

Ms. Susan K. Malagari

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Malamet

Mrs. Mary E. Mallen

Mr. William Malloy

Mr. Kenneth Malnar

Mr. and Mrs. Noel S. Manalo

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mancewicz

R.P. Manco, LTD

Mr. John L. Manley

Mr. Wilson Mann

Ms. Barbara K. Mann

Mr. and Mrs. A. Wade Manning

Ms. Andrea J. Mannix

Ms. Karen Mansor

Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Manthey

Mrs. Evelyn M. Manwiller

Maple Lawn Farms, Inc.

Ms. Mary Ellen Rhoderick

Market On Market LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Markey

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Markoe

Mr. Michael D. Markoe

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Marquez

Ms. Rosemarie C. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Marrone

Ms. Diane Miller Marsden

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Marshall

Mr. Lorne A. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Marsteller

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Martin

Mr. William W. Martin

Ms. Barbara M. Martin

Ms. Constance L. Martin

Ms. Katherine Martin

Mr. Jeffrey T. Martinez and Ms. Amy Sarni

Ms. Lisa Martinis

Mr. and Mrs. G Rodney Martz

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Martz, II

Maryland Charity Campaign

Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Inc.

Maryland FFA Foundation, Inc.

Maryland Retired School Personnel Association, Inc.

Maryland Sheep Breeders Association

Maryland State Funeral Directors Association, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mason, Jr.

Ms. Sheryl Massaro

Mrs. Sandy J. Mastrino

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Maurhoff

Ms. Marie May

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McAdam

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. McArdle

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. McArthur

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. McCain

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCall

Mr. Mike McCall

Mr. John M. McCardell, Jr.

Mr. James McCarthy

Mr. Peter McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. McCauley

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott McCauley

Ms. Jennifer McCauley

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. McClung

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McCormack

Mr. and Ms. Kevin McCormick

McCoy Media Group, Inc

Ms. Sydney Leigh McCoy

Mr. Douglas M. McCulloch

Janet McCurdy, P.A.

Ms. Janet I. McCurdy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McCutcheon

McCutcheon's Apple Products, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David R. McDevitt

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. McEvoy

Ms. Amy Catherine McEwan

Mr. Thomas N. McFadden and Ms. Vicki Glenn

Ms. Heather McFadden

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. McGee

Ms. Kelly L. McGill

Ms. Mary McGlaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McGowan

Ms. Joan McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. McGreevy

Ms. Maureen K. McGreevy

Megan L. McGrew, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton P. McGrew

Mr. Kevin McGuinness

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McKelvey

Ms. Peggy J. McKinney

McLaughlin Family Chiropractic

Mrs. Virginia J. McLaughlin

Ms. Shannon McNeil

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. McNickle

Ms. Karen L. McNitt

Mr. and Mrs. Albert McPherson

Ms. Marilyn McQuaide

MDL Entertainment, Inc.

Mr. Shawn Meade

Mr. David C. Meadows

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Meagher

Mr. Richard T. Meagher

Medical Account Services, Inc.

Mrs. Pamela M. Meehan

Ms. Elizabeth C. Meehan

Ms. Alice A. Meeks

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Meigs

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mellow

Toby Mendez Studios

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Menke

Men's Garden Club of Frederick County

Ms. Mary Ruth Meredith

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Merkel

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Merkle, II

Ms. Lauren Merrill

Ms. Marilyn Merrill

Merriman Family Foundation

Dr. Edna May Merson

Mr. Alexander Metcalf

Mrs. Kitty L. Metcalfe

Howard L. Metz, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Metzgar

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Meyers

Mrs. Janet L. Michael

Ms. Theresa T. Michel

Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce Inc.

Middletown Primary School

Middletown High School

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

Miles & Stockbridge Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Lyle Millander

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Miller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Miller

Mr. Benjamin Miller

Mr. Jerome H. Miller

Ms. Cecelia S. Miller

Ms. Frances W. Miller

Ms. Wendy L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Mills

Mr. Edward Mills

Ms. Laurie L. Mills

Ms. Carol Milstead

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Milyard

Minnich Funeral Home

Ms. Erin Miskell

Ms. Dorothy C. Misner

Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Mitchell

Ms. Mary Ellen Mitchell


Ms. Nicolette J. Moberly

Mr. Mark Moehrle

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Mohler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Moler

Mrs. Nancy W. Molesworth

Ms. Elizabeth Molesworth

Ms. Marilyn K. Molesworth

Molly's Meanderings, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Monath

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mongan

Monocacy Chimney Care, Inc.

The Monocacy Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert C. Moody

Moore Wealth, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Dward A. Moore, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moore, Sr.

Ms. Shabri Moore

Ms. Linda Moran

More Great Moments, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Morgan, Jr.

Mr. Matthew Morgan

Morgan-Keller, Inc.

Morgan Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Morin

Mr. Dwight L. Morris

Law Office of Scott A. Morrison, P.A.

Mr. John Morrow

Ms. Meghan Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. John Mosebrook

Ms. Patricia A. Motter

Mount Saint Mary's University

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mount

Ms. Cindy A. Mouw

Ms. Veronica Mozzano

Mt. Airy Children's Dental Associates

Mt. Zion Lutheran Sunday School

Mr. and Mrs. William Muffi

Mr. Robert S. Mulcahy

Ms. Sheila A. Mulford

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mullen, Jr.

Mr. Jon D. Mullen

Mr. Max E. Muller

Ms. Amy Mummert-Schlitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Murphy

Mr. Robert J. Murphy

Mr. Shawn J. Murphy and Ms. Hillary Hand

Estate of Calvin M. Murray

Murray Financial Group, Inc.

Mrs. Frances A. Murray

The Muse

Ms. Mary Lou Musser

My Bank! First United Bank & Trust

Charles F. and Helen A. Myers Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Brady Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Colin W. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman M. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Truman E. Myers

Mrs. Rose Marie Myers

Ms. Kelly Myers


Mr. Ernest Naegele

Ms. Jennifer Nakamoto

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Nash

National Council of Jewish Women

Natural Fusion Hair Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Neary

Mrs. Margaret S. Neely

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Nelson

Mr. George A. Nelson

Ms. Robin F. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Neuens

New Market District Lions Club

New Market Grange No. 362

New York New York Salon and Day Spa

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Newbury

Mr. Robert W. Newbury

Mrs. Mary R. Quist-Newins

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Nibbs

Mr. Alan Nichols/Appalachian Tree Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Nicklas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus

Mrs. Evalyn H. Nicodemus

Ms. Jennifer A. Nieberlein

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Niehoff

Ms. Amanda J. Nimmer

Ms. V. Nine

Ms. Viola M. Noffsinger

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Nolan

Ms. P. Jo Ann Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Noland

Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Norman

Ms. Kara L. Norman

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland L. Null

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Null

Ms. Addie B. Null

Mr. Gerald A. Nunziato

Ms. Margaret L. Nusbaum

Topper and Cathy Nusbaum


Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. O'Connor

Ms. Sarah O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. O'Fallon

Offit Kurman

Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerome Offutt

Offutt, Horman, Burdette & May, P.A.

Ms. Pam Ogasawara

Ohare Investments Inc

Mrs. Mary Jane Okan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. O'Keefe

Ms. Koryn M. Okey

Mr. Jerry O'Leary

Ms. Janet S. O'Leary

Ms. Alina Oliva

Dr. Nils W. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Harding W. Olson, Jr.

Ms. Paige Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Olson

Omnis, Inc.

Mr. Marion R. Onion

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Onley, Jr.

Ms. Lisa Oquist

The Orchard

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Orelli

Ms. Linda Orey

Mr. Michael J. Orndorff

Ms. Elizabeth D. Orr

Bill and Marilyn Orsinger

Ms. Ronnie Lynn Osterman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey

Kim and Chrissy Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Owens

Mrs. Jean E. Oxley


Mr. and Mrs. Donald Padden

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Pakenas

Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Palios

Ms. Ann E. Palmer

Ms. Cynthia S. Palmer

Ms. Jonita Pant

Ms. Alison H. Park

Ms. Tamara Park

Mr. Carl F. Parks

Ms. Susan Parks

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parquette

Mr. James Parquette

Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Parsons

Mr. Michael Paskowsky and Ms. Jane Talarico

Mrs. Virginia H. Patrick

Patriot Technologies, Inc.

Ms. Bridget B. Patterson

Ms. Julie Patterson

Mr. Joseph G. Payer, Jr.

Ms. Tara Payne

PCS Administration (USA), Inc.

Dr. A. Austin Pearre, Jr.

Ms. Sarah W. Pearre

Ms. Jennie S. Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Pecora

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua B. Pedersen

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Peer

Ms. Kathleen Pellicot

Ms. Molly M. Pelzer

Ms. Beulah M. Pennington

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perella

Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Perkins, Jr.

Ms. Mary S. Perrine

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Perry

Ms. Charlene C. Perry

Mr. Robert A. Perrygo

Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, Inc.

Dr. Joseph Pesce

Jean Peterson Design, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Peterson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Petre

Ms. Linda S. Petronchak

Mr. C. David Petrucci and Dr. Brenda P. Shockey

Ms. Mary L. Pfister

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Phebus

Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Phelps

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Phelps

Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation dba Wyndham Championship

Joanna L. Pierson, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pilarcik

Ms. Cynthia Pinciotti

Pine Creek Enterprises LLC

Mark A. Pitts, D.D.S., P.A.

Mrs. Marian L. Pitts

Plamondon Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Plamondon, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Planz

Mr. John Plaschke

Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Pleasant

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Ms. Betty Polanowski

Mr. James S. Poles and Mr. Robert Sacheli

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pollack

Patty Pollatos Fund, Inc.

Ms. Courtney Pomeroy

Ms. Sarah Popielasz

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Portier

Potomac Tile & Carpet

Dr. Albert M. Powell, Jr.

Ms. Jennifer A. Powell

Ms. Katharine Powell

Powell Family Foundation

Powell Flynn, LLP

Martha A. Powers, CPA

Mr. Mike Powers

PPT Social Activities of Park Place

The Premier Group

T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Ms. M. Kathryn Prichard

Ms. Jeanette Priest

Printing Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Pritchard

Proffitt & Associates Architects, PC

Ms. Elizabeth Prongas

Prosperity Management, LLC

Ms. Linda S. Pruitt-Michielli

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pryor

Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Pryor

PTA Council of Frederick County

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pue, Jr.

Ms. Julie K. Purnell

Ms. Phyllis Purnell

Mr. Donald Putman

Mr. Rhudel T. Putman

Queen Anne Retired Educator's Association

Mr. Kevin W. Quill

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Quinn


Mr. Albert A. Radcliffe, III

Ms. Alice Rader

Rager, Lehman & Houck, P.C.

Mr. Tom Rahochik

Ramar Moving Systems, Inc.

Ms. Mary Kay Ramey

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray Ramsburg, III

Mr. and Mrs. Mehrle H. Ramsburg

Mr. Phillip Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Randall, Jr.

Mr. William Randall

Mrs. Elizabeth W. C. Randall

Mrs. Frances A. Randall

Ms. Ruth Ann Randall

Randall Charitable Trust

Randall Family, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rauh

Dr. and Mrs. P. Gregory Rausch

Ms. Susan H. Rauth

Ms. Janet I. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Raymond

Mr. Joseph Reale

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rebele

Ms. Natalie A. Rebetsky

Mr. and Mrs. Clark A. Reddick

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Reece

Mr. Austin Reece

Kathryn M. Reed Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Reeder

Mr. Jeffrey D. Reesing

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Regner

Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Reickel

Mr. Dennis Reighard

Mr. Johnny Reimer

Ms. Sydney D. Reiner

Mr. and Mrs. Earl James Reinsch

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Remsberg

Mrs. Colleen M. Remsberg

Mrs. Helen R. Remsburg

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Reniers

Mrs. Beattie I. Renn

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Repp

Ms. Barbara L. Rhoden

Mr. and Mrs. Terre R. Rhoderick

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Rhodes

Mrs. Anne G. Rhodes

Ms. Florence S. Rice

Ms. Heather M. Rice

Ms. Jody Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Richards, III

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Richardson

Mrs. Shirley R. Richardson

Ms. Cheryl Richman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ricigliano

Ms. Caroline M. Rickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rickman

Ms. Helen V. Riggles

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D.R. Riley

Mr. Lewis R. Riley

Mr. Louis E. Riley

Ms. Susan M. Ringler

Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Rippeon

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Rippeon

Ms. Delista Ann Rippeon

Ms. Mary M. Rippeon

The Riser Academies, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andreau Ritter

Mr. Philip Ritter

Ms. Ashlyn Ritter

Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Riuli

Mr. Frank B. Roberts

Ms. Emily H. Roberts

Ms. Kimberly S. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Allen T. Robertson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Roblin

Rodgers Consulting

Ms. Bethany Rodgers

Ms. Danette Rodriguez

Mrs. Ellen Roehl

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Roembke

Mr. Rick S. Rogers, IV

Mr. David A. Rohrer

Ms. Kathy A. Rohrer

Mrs. Betty T. Rollins

Ms. Anne-Herbert Rollins

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Roney

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Roney

Mr. Clyde M. Roney, Jr.

Ms. Ruth E. Roney

Ms. Elisabeth Rood

Mr. Robert E. Rooy

Mr. David Roper

Mr. Jose A. Rosapepe

Ms. Jennifer A. Rose

Ms. Robin Rose

Ms. Phyllis R. Rosen

Dr. and Mrs. Garth Rosenberg

Ms. Ellen W. Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Rosensteel

Mr. Harry Rosenstock

Ms. Dawn L. Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Ross

Mr. Norman K. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Roszkowski

Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

Rotary Club of Carroll Creek Pass Through Fund

Rotary Club of Frederick

Rotary Club of Fredericktowne

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Routzahn, Jr.

Ms. Joyce E. Routzahn

Ms. Dawn Routzhan

Ms. Joyce M. Rowe

Ms. Kristen Rowe

RSC, Inc.

Matthew B. Ruble, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Rubock

Mr. and Mrs. Jan Ruderman

William and Karen Ruehl Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Ruff

Mr. and Mrs. Craig P. Russell

Ms. Judy Russell

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ruszat

Mrs. Kathleen C. Ryan

Ms. Linda Ryan

Mr. Thomas Ryder


Ms. Robin Sagoskin

SAIC - Frederick, Inc.

Ms. Dana Salas and Mr. Drew Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Tod P. Salisbury

Ms. Kendra D. Sampson

Ms. Barbara C. Sanbower

Mrs. Mary Jane Sanders

Mr. Ben Sanderson

Ms. Loralea Sanderson

Mr. Christopher Sands

Ms. Amy Sands

Sandy Spring Bank

Ms. Seneh V. Sanner

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Satterfield

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sauser

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schaden

Mr. Mike Scheid

Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Scher

Ms. Sharon S. Schiavone

Mrs. Mary Ann Schindel

Ms. Ruth M. Schipper

Mr. Gary Schirmacher

Mrs. Helen W. Schley

Ms. Amy Schlitzer

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schmersahl

Ms. Lauren Schoenfeld

Ms. Ann P. Schreiber

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schuerger

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schultz

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Schwab

Ms. Colette C. Schwartzman

Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Sclar

Mr. Evan R. Scott

Mr. Franklin Scott

Ms. Jean K. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Scotto

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Seaman

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Sears

Ms. Lindsay A. Seebach

Ms. Brenda J. Seek

Ms. Hope R. Seezox

Ms. Catherine A. Seibert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Seidel, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod C. Seiss

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Selby

Mr. Douglas W. Selby

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Serenyi

Ms. Maureen E. Sevec

Severn, O'Connor & Kresslein, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Severn

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Severson

Mr. Scott Sewell

Mrs. Laura J. Shaff

Mrs. Melinda Shanholtz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shank

Mr. and Mrs. Philippe M. Shankle

Mr. Vincent Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Shealer

Robert W. Sheckles, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Sheiss

Col. and Mrs. Edward J. Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Sherwin

Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey F. Shipley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Shipley

Dr. Brenda P. Shockey

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Shockley

Shoemaker, Horman & Clapp, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shoemaker

Ms. Jeannette K. Shoemaker

Ms. Louise L. Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Shores

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Short

Ms. Laila Shouhayib

Ms. Willa Shriver

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll L. Shry

Ms. Bree Shupe

Dr. John A. Shutta

Ms. Zoe Shykind

Sight & Sound Support, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Lawrence Silbernagel, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Ann G. Simmons

Ms. Evangeline Simones

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Simons

Ms. Melissa J. Sines

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Siskind

Mr. John C. Sisson

Ms. Patricia Skebeck

Skin Care Essentials, LLC.

Thomas G. Slater, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. C. John Slovikosky

Mr. Steven T. Small

Ms. Lauren Small

Ms. Nicole O. Smallcomb

Dr. and Mrs. George I. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Davis M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Smith

Mr. Blaine Smith

Mr. Dustin Smith

Mr. Gary E. Smith and Ms. Helen L. Belencam

Ms. Beatriz C. Smith

Ms. Edna M. Smith

Ms. Grace E. Smith

Ms. Margaret C. Smith

Ms. Mary E. Smith

Mrs. Mary M. Smith

Ms. Phyllis H. Smith

Ms. Sheila K. Smith

Ms. Stacey Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Smock

Ms. Carol Snapp

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Sneed

Mr. Robert K. Snow and Ms. Barbara Teng

Ms. Doris Snow

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Snyder

Ms. Jean P. Snyder

Ms. Regina F. Snyder

Ms. Susan Snyder and Mr. Linwood Snider

Softrac America, Inc.

Someone With LLC

Mr. William T. Soper

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Souder

Ms. Carole E. Southam

Southern Frederick County Rotary Club

Mr. Michael Southers

Ms. Rebecca C. Southers

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Spahr

Ms. Anjeanette R. Sparkman

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Sparks, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Spearman

Ms. Nancy L. Speck

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Spencer

Dr. Sonja B. Sperlich

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Spinnler

Ms. Anne L. Spivey

Mrs. Susan Spock

Spring Ridge Golf League

St. John Regional Catholic School

St. John's Cemetery, Inc.

St. John's Lutheran Church of Creagerstown

St. Mary's Co. Public Schools Retirees Assoc.

St. Paul's Utica Lutheran Church

Mr. Stephen A. St. Pierre

Mr. W. Drew Stabler

Mr. David S. Stalnaker

Mrs. Barbara B. Starr

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Mr. J. Christopher Staub

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stauffer

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Stauffer, Jr.

Mr. George C. Stauffer

Ms. Courtney Stauffer

Ms. Katharine M. Stauffer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Steggert

Mr. Lawrence Steinfeldt

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Steinly

Ms. Sharon E. Stem

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Stephan

Mr. Aaron Stephens

Mr. Tim Stephens

Henry Stewart Talks LTD

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dean Stickell

Mr. Marc L. Stifelman and Ms. Loretta A. Vosk

Richard H Stine Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Ms. Alice Jean Stine

Ms. Lara Stine

Ms. Carole A. Stitely

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Stockman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stockman

Ms. Sandra Stokesbury

Ms. Susan Stone

Mr. Richard Stopa

Ms. Lori I. Storey

Mr. Ronald E. Stover

Ms. Colleen Stow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Strailman

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Straits

Mr. Harold Streim and Ms. Adeline Rossi

Ms. Bonnie B. Strine

Ms. Shirley Stroup

Structures Salon

Mr. and Mrs. David Studley

Mr. Robert L. Stull

Ms. Paula M. Stull

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stup

Ms. Kendall Stup

Mr. John P. Stush and Ms. Audrey E. Rayfield

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Summers

Mr. James Summerville

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swanson

Mrs. Helen S. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Sweeney, Sr.

Ms. Robin L. Sweeney

Ms. Bonnie Swenson

Mr. Jeff Swigert

Sylvana Institute for Medical Aesthetics, LLC


Mr. and Mrs Robert L. Tabler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Talaga

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Talarico

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Talley, Jr.

Mrs. Louise H. Talley

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tarleton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tarleton

Taskers Chance Garden Club

Ms. Lori Tauraso

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor

Mr. Larry Taylor

Ms. Marcy G. Taylor

Ms. Victoria S. Temiz

The Temple

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Tent

Ms. Janet E. Tevis

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Thackston

Ms. Jenn Thackston

Thanksgiving Farms and Orchard

Ms. Erin M. Thomas

Ms. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas

Ms. Sara M. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Thomassen

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Thompson

Ms. Sarah J. Thompson

Ms. Susan C. Thompson

Dr. Earlene H. Thornton

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thrasher

Thurmont and Emmitsburg Community Show

Thurmont Grange No. 409, Inc.

Thurmont High School Alumni Association

Thurmont High School Class of 1958

Three Roads Communiciations, Inc.

The Honorable John H. Tisdale

TLC Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Todd

Mrs. Marvin G. Todd

Ms. Valerie Todd

Ms. Vanessa Toner

Ms. Ann Toomey

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Topchik

Tourism Council of Frederick County, Inc.

Ms. Theresa Tovar

Tox Path Specialists, LLC

The Trail House, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Trawick

Mr. Donald Tressler

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Trimmer

Trinity School of Frederick, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Tritt

Trivial Pursuit Group

Ms. Jennifer E. Trone

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Trout

Mr. N. Trout

Ms. Gretchen Trout

Ms. Carri L. Troxel

Ms. Ann L. Truelove


Charles F. and Mary Frances Trunk Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Trunk, III

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Tuck

Mr. and Mrs. E. Stuart Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tuggle

Ms. Linda M. Turbyville

Ms. Toni A. Turnbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Turner

Two Paws Up

Mrs. Kirsten Anna Tydings

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Tyson

Ms. Debra A. Tyson


Ms. Susan Underwood

Mr. Eddie Ungtrakul

Unique Optique

United Way of Frederick County, Inc.

Uno Restaurants, LLC

Urbana High School Dance Department

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Urie


Mr. Randolph E. Valentine

Ms. Ann M. Vallandingham

Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Valliere

Mr. Robert Vaughn

Velvet Lounge, LLC

Ms. Shannon N. Vendemmia

Ms. Teresa Verdin

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Veres

Ms. Elise A. Vernick

Ms. Diane L. Viands

Ms. Doris E. Vierbuchen

Village Convenience and Deli Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Viola

Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Mr. and Mrs. C. Clifton Virts, III

Mr. Karl W. Berger and Ms. Maribeth Visco

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Vitarello

VOIP Business Solutions

Mr. Derick Vollmer


Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Voorhis

Ms. Nancy C. Voss

Mr. and Mrs. Hieu Vu-Gia


Mr. and Mrs. Reed L. Wachter

Ms. Jennifer Wagner

Mrs. Cynthia C. Walker

Walkersville 4-H Club

Walkersville Eyecare PA

Walkersville FFA Alumni Association

Walkersville High School Athletic Booster

Walkersville Senior Citizens

Walkersville United Methodist Church

Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company

Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company, Inc.

Dr. David H. Wallace

Mr. Joe Wallace

Mr. Robert Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Walters

N. E. "Bob" Waltz Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Waltz, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Waltz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. H. Deets Warfield, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Warfield

Mr. Justin Warfield

Mr. Timothy L. Warfield

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Joseph Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Warner

Ms. Margie L. Warner

Washington County Retired Education Personnel Association

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wasserbach

Ms. Jane E. Waxman

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Waxter

Way Station, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Weakly

David C. Weaver, P.A.

Ms. Susan A. Weaver

Ms. Lynda L. Weedon

Wegley, Higginbotham & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Weigle

Mr. and Mrs. Rand D. Weinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Weisgerber

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Welty

Rev. and Mrs. Frederick A. Wenner

The Honorable and Mrs. William W. Wenner

Janis Miller Wertheimer Endowment Fund

Ms. Mary Ann Wesselman

West Frederick Veterinary Hospital P.C.

Ms. Laurie Westbrook

Western Maryland Chapter of American Society of CLU & ChFC

Ms. Genecile Weston


Ms. Jackie Whalen

Mr. Cecil G. White, Jr.

Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P.

Ms. Alma R. Whitehouse

Whitesell Pharmacy

Ms. Alicia Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. G. Randall Whittenberger

Ms. Joan R. Wicks and Mr. Serge D. Rousselle

Mr. Glenn W. Wienhoff

Ms. Karen Wiese

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wiggins

Ms. Virginia A. Wilbur

Ms. Evelyn M. Wilcom

Ms. Dawn Wilcox

Wild Birds Unlimited

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Wiles

Ms. Myralee G. Wiles

Ms. Jeanne S. Wilhelm

Wilkins Family

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wilkinson

Mr. Raymond Y. Wilkison

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Willard

Mr. De Walt J. Willard, Jr.

Mrs. Anna Mary K. Willard

Ms. Mary C. Willard

Ms. Tina Willard

Mr. James D. Summers and Ms. Eleanor Williams

Mr. Richard L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Williamson

Ms. Diane Willmann

The Wilson-Olivo Family

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wilson

Mr. Geordie Wilson

Mr. Ike Wilson

Ms. Kerri Wilson

Mrs. Rebecca H. Windsor

Ms. Barbara J. Windsor

The Wine Kitchen on the Creek

The Wine Kitchen II, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien T. Winegar

Mr. Curt Winger

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Winnan

Mr. Charles R. Wisner

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Witte

Harry H. Witzke's Family Funeral Home, Inc.

WLR Automotive Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wnek

Mr. Jeffrey Wobbleton

Ms. Adriane E. Wodey

Ms. Danielle Wohlgemuth

Ms. Donna Wojton

Mr. Gary Wold

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wolfe

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wolfe

Mrs. Mary E. Wolfe

Ms. Ida B. Wolk

Ms. Diana L. Wollin

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wolz

Women's Business Network of Frederick, Inc.

Women's Giving Circle Quarterly Luncheons

Mr. Thomas M. Woodruff

Woodsboro Bank

Ms. Lea Woolsey

Worcester County Retired School Personnel

Ms. Claire Worch

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Working

Worman's Mill Community Conservancy, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunter H. Woytowitz

Mrs. Constance P. Wrench

Mr. Ben F. Wright

Ms. Barbara Jean Lusby Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wrzesinski, Jr.

Mr. Todd D. Wynn

Mrs. Nancy M. Wynne


Mrs. Ramona A. Yanike

Mr. Thomas B. Yewell

Yellow Cab of Frederick

YMCA of Frederick County

Ms. Karen Yoho

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Young

Mr. Blaine R. Young

Mr. Brad Young

Ms. Karen L. Young

Ms. Marisa E. Young

The Honorable and Mrs. Ronald N. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Yowell

Mr. Samuel Y. Yu

Ms. B. Yurek


Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Zang

Ms. Brenda S. Zell

Mr. and Mrs. Shurleen C. Ziegler

Zimmerman Family Reunion

Mr. and Mrs. B. Gregory Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Zimmerman

Mr. Jeffrey L. Zimmerman

Ms. Pauline R. Zimmerman

Ms. Sandra A. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zink

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zink, Jr.

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