Cornerstone Society

What’s better than leaving a lasting legacy of giving even after you’ve gone? The Cornerstone Society honors visionaries who have left such a legacy by entrusting the Community Foundation with a planned gift that comes to fruition after their lifetime. A gift that ensures a brighter future for all of Frederick County.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including a bequest, charitable trust, charitable gift annuity, pooled income fund gifts, an estate or retirement plan, or a life insurance policy.

To learn more about how you can leave a lasting legacy of giving, please contact our President, Betsy Day, at (301) 695-7660, or byThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cornerstone Society Members
*remembered forever

A Friend of the Community Foundation
Friends of the Community Foundation
Anonymous Donor #5*
Anonymous Donor #8
Anonymous Donor #10*
Anonymous Donor #11
Anonymous Donor #13
Anonymous Donor #14
Anonymous Donor #15
Anonymous Friend
Ann and Ric Adams
Ron and Bonnie Albaugh
Ms. Anne B. Allen
Arthur O. and Julane P. Anderson
Ms. Dorinne S. Armstrong
Mr. Nevin S. Baker*
Ms. Wanda Lou Baldwin
Mr. William Eugene "Gene" Barnhart*
Mr. George J. Barthel*
Audrey and Steve Bauman*
Joseph I. Berman, MD
Mr.* and Mrs. Glenn E. Biehl
Mr. L. Edward Blumenauer*
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brady
Ms. Margaret Brandenburg*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Brault*
Dr. Robert E. and Linda S. Broadrup
Mr. William H. Browning, Jr.
J. Milton and Elsie Brunk*
Ms. N. Dola Burkentine
Ms. Frances W. Burlas
Mr. Joseph D. Byrd*
Mr. Marion D. Carmack, Jr.
Emily and John* Carnochan
John and Millie Cartee
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Cartwright
Robert F. and Elizabeth E. Cavanaugh*
Mr. and Mrs. John Cheatham*
Mr.* and Mrs. Dwight Collmus
Ms. Elmira B. Cook*
Mrs. Connie Cox Cook*
Mrs. Mattie H. Cornpropst*
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Cramer, Jr.*
Ms. Sandra Summers Crist*
Mr. William E. Cross*
Dan and Cindy Cunningham
Ms. Katharine E. Cutshall*
John and Kay Dallavalle
Ms. Virginia T. Dashiell*
Michael G. and Elizabeth Y. Day
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Doggett
Ms. Julie A. Donat
Mr. Lawrence A. Dorsey, Jr.*
Don Doughty* and Linda Moran
Dale Woolston Dowling
Mrs. Thelma B. Duvall*
Steve and Nancy Ebner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Elkins, Jr.*
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold E. Emmons
Mrs. Helen E. Erwin*
Ms. Dorothy L. Etzler
Mrs. Marybell Castle Everhart*
C. William  and Christine Eyler
John and Annabelle Eyler*
Mr. Donald Falconer*
Ms. Susan K. Favorite
Mrs. Karen Fetterly
Jay and Virginia* Fifer
Mr. Jim Filby* 
Melvin E.* and Esther E. Filler
Alden E. and Harriet K. Fisher*
Ms. Anne S. Fisher
Mrs. Pauline Draper Fisher*
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fitzgerald
Paul and Gail Fitzgerald
Mr. David A. Fogle*
Miss Rhema Fogle*
Mr. Gene G. Gardner*
Miss Helen M. Gardner*
Harry George and Dee Dolan
Dr. John C. George
Ms. Eleanor A. Gerstenfeld
Ms. L. C. Gilbert*
Ms. Peggy L. Githerman
Bess and Frank* Gladhill
Mr. Richard M. Golling, Jr.
Mrs. Chase C. Gove*
Mrs. Dorothy M. Green
Mr. James M. Green
Mr. and Mrs.* Mark W. Grimes
Ms. Anne-Lynn Gross*
Mr. Daniel C. Guyton
Merle L. and R. Rebecca Guyton
Carlton B. and Darlene Lin-Oi* Haakinson
Rev. and Mrs. Theodore Haas
Ms. Elizabeth K. Hale
Ms. Gloria F. Hartman*
Ms. C. Sue Hecht
Hunt and Joan Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hendrickson, II
Mrs. Thelma T. Higuchi
Mrs. Irene Hogan
Charles and Teresa Hoke*
Mr. Amos Holter, Sr.*
Mrs. Betty Markey Hooper*
Mr. Robert G. Hooper
U. Mehrl and Margaret T. Hooper*
Ms. Jeane Hostetler
Robert and Virginia Houck
Mr. Forest Hough
Mr. Carroll D. House


Ms. Phyllis Hoyer
Mr. J. Richard Hudson, Sr.*
Mrs. Annette James
Mrs. Mary Michael Crewe Judge*
Robert E.* and Maureen M. Kallstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Kefauver
Mr. Guy Kelly*
Charles* and Janet King
Mr. Daniel J. Lajewski, Jr.
Rev. Albert K. Lane, III and Dayna L. Lane
Mr. Edgar "Bud" Larson*
Marvin and Bonnie* Laws
Mr. Harry J. Lebherz, II*
Mr. Richard Lebherz*
Mr. Chester M. Leishear*
Mr. Jack Leishear
Mr. Donald L. Lewis
Mr. Donald C. Linton
Mrs. M. Rebecca Linton
Mrs. Ann Burnside Love
Mrs. Eleanor F. Mackintosh
Mr. James W. Main*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Main*
Charles T. and Mary Ellen Main*
Mrs. Barbara D. Marmet*
Friends and Family of Frank Martz
Mrs. Sandy Mastrino
Mark A. and Angela L. Mayer
Mr. Richard T. Meagher
Mrs. Marty Mercer-Akre
Charles C. and Carol T. Mertz*
Mrs. Janet L. Hahn Michael
Mr. Frederick M. Michel
Ms. Charlotte Moran*
Ms. Robin Marie Morris
Robert and Winifred Mount
Dr. and Mrs. John Munson*
Mr. Calvin Murray*
Mrs. Mary Louise Musser
C. Rodman Myers
Ms. Margaret E. Myers*
Wayne C. and Margaret S. Neely*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus
Mr. Roger F. Nicodemus*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. O'Brien*
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood T. Offutt, Sr.*
Mr. Linwood T. Offutt, Jr.*
Mrs. Nellie Page*
Mrs. Susan Palmer-Purtee
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Peters*
Richard and Patricia Petre
Col. and Mrs. Walter W. Plummer*
Mrs. Lucille H. Ponton*
Mrs. Betty Agatha Powell*
Mrs. Marguerite Quinn*
Mrs. Frances A. Randall
Dr. P. Gregory Rausch
Audrey Rayfield and John Stush
Robert J. and Kathryn "Kitty" Reed*
Clarence and Jeanie Keller Reeder
Mrs. Colleen Remsberg
Mrs. Ramona Remsberg*
Ms. Martha L. Reynolds
Mr. Millard Rice*
Mrs. Libby F. Richards*
Don and Rosa Rippeon
Norman and Melissa "Missy"* Ross
Mrs. Rita Rourke*
Lawrence T. Bassett* and Terrence E. Ruppert
Mrs. Gloria J. Ryals
Mr. Calvin E. Sayler*
Mr. James Schmersahl
Wayne and Diane Shaff
Mrs. Alma Sharrer*
General Clair Wayne Shisler*
Mrs. Shirley A. Shores
Mrs. Marcy Shtatman
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lawrence Silbernagel, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Ann Simmons
Ms. Margaretta F. Slayman*
Dr. and Mrs. George I. Smith
Miss Mary E. M. Smith*
Miss Ruth E. Smith*
Mrs. Virginia Belle Smith*
David and Mary Snyder
Dr. Sonja Sperlich
Ms. Lois Noffsinger Spurrier
Mrs. Margaret S. Stauffer*
Miss Alice Jean Stine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stine*
Ms. Kathleen Baker Stine*
Mr. Frank G. Stoner*
Mr. H. Peter Storm
Mr. Charles C.T. Stull*
Mrs. Mary M. Stull*
Robert* and Lorraine Stup
Mr. Austin Summers*
Jane Talarico and Michael Paskowsky
Stephen and Jacquelyn Tate
Bob and Gina Taylor
Bob* and Millie Taylor
Harry and Leona Trout*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Trunk, lll
Mr. Chris R. Tyree* and Dr. I. Blanche Bourne-Tyree
Mr. Edgar C. Virts, Jr.*
Kevin and Sara Wade*
Linda S. Walsh and William T. Dunkin
Mr.* and Mrs. Norman E. Waltz, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Deets Warfield, Jr.
Ms. Lynne M. Warner*
Ashley Waters
Mrs. Peggy Waxter
The Honorable and Mrs. William W. Wenner*
Mrs. Janis Miller Wertheimer*
Ms. Mary C. Willard*
Jeff and Marguerite Wilson
Ms. Arie L. Winebrener*
Mr. Harold B. Wright*
W. Meredith S. and Helen B. Young*
Clayton and Phebe Zimmerman*

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