Widening Circles Society

The Widening Circles Society is a group of donors who have helped the Community Foundation widen its breadth of impact throughout Frederick County by generously supporting our outreach to the community. Different levels of membership are available, starting at just $100. And, as always, all contributions are tax deductible.

Membership Levels

  • Philanthropist Circle: $5,000+
  • Leadership Circle: $2,500-4,999
  • Stewardship Circle: $1,000-2,499
  • Sponsorship Circle: $500-999
  • Friendship Circle: $250-499
  • Membership Circle: $100-249

Make a difference by becoming a Widening Circle Society member. Donate today.

2015 Campaign Contributions

Thank you to the following Widening Circles Society Members who have so generously contributed to our 2015 campaign which runs from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Philanthropist Circle

Estate of Blanche L. Hargis
Laughlin Family Fund
Harry and Leona Trout Charitable Gift Annuity

Leadership Circle

Stewardship Circle

Dr. Gerardo Araiza
Dr. Joseph I. Berman
Mr. William H. Browing
Bob and Betsy Fisher
Dorothy Theresa Cannon
Kate and John D'Amore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Hurwitz
James and Amy Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kimberlin
Elna and John Morin
Charles V. & Louise D. Main Fund for Community Foundation
Frank and Bobby Parsons
Tod and Barry Salisbury
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin E. Sayler
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Shockley
Mr. and Mrs. James Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Trunk, III
The H. Deets and Juanita Warfield Donor-Advised Fund

Sponsorship Circle

Todd and Kathy Davis
Ms. Dorothy L. Etzler
Estate of John and Katherine Cheatham
James S. Jr., and Sandra Grams Cox
Mark and Suzanne Friis
Harry George
Kevin and Jeannie Hessler
John and Sharon Kennedy
Mr. Daniel J. Lajewski, Jr.
Cynthia S. Palmer
Richard and Patricia Petre
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Rausch
Marv and Mary Regner
Ruth E. Roney
Gene and Gloria Selby
Ruth M. Schiper
James and Carmen Schmersahl
Debbie Shiben
Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Summers
John E. and A. Jane Tritt
Wanet and Raymond Tyson
Gordon M. and Teresa Warfield Cooley Charitable Gift Fund
Matt and Sandy Wiley

Friendship Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ambrose
Phillip Berheimer
Denny and Judy Black
Dennis and Kathleen Brekhus
Gayle and David Bromberg
Sharon K. Brown Hamilton
Fran W. Burlas
Mr. Marion D. Carmack, Jr.
Estate of John and Katherine Cheatham
Brian and Colleen Chidester
Lisa Coblentz
Clyde and Kitty Crum
Julie Donat
Mary V. Dove
Judith L. Eyler
The Frederick Mutual Insurance Company Donor-Advised Fund
Paul & Rita Gordon
Ted and Helen Gregory
John and Jennifer Grove
Carolyn and Jack Greiner
Peggy and Chipper Hoff
David and Diane Hoffman
Claire and John Kondig
Mr. Jeffrey Leach
Frank and Nancy Lesure
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Lewis, Jr.
Donald and Rebecca Linton
Mark and Angela Mayer
Maureen McGreevy
Ms. Peggy J. McKinney
Robert K. Moler
Nancy W. Molesworth
Timothy Morgan
Marylou Musser
Jean E. Oxley
Bonita J. Portier, D. O.
Ramar Moving Systems, Inc.
Ray and Holly Ramsburg
Colleen M. Remsberg
Laura Jean Shaff
Shirley A. Shores
F.L. Silbernagel
David S. Stalnaker
Dave and Kitty Stauffer
Alice Jean Stine
Wolf Furniture
Jay and Susan Wolfe

Membership Circle

Dr. Edward and Patricia Andochick
Serap S. Akisoglu
Dunbar Ashbury
Mrs. Albertine Baker
Chris and Megan Baker
Earl and Anita Bartgis
Dick and Sue Basford
Gene and Bette Bennett
Robert and Faye Cannon
Mary C. Cashour
John and Colleen R. Clapp
Serene Collmus
Dr. and Mrs. B. Franklin Cooling
Dana B. Coulby
Don and Carolyn Court
Christine and Bill Eyler
Bruce Bigelow and Julie Ramsey
Cdr. and Mrs. Norman Birzer
Ms. Nancy L. Bittle
Paula Blundell
Peg and Orley Bourland
Mrs. Barbara Brewster
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Broadrup
Beverly Byron
Faye and Robert Cannon
Donald and Carolyn Court
Eric and Angie Dallavalle
Mr. H. Doggett
Jack and Jane Doll
Col. Richard F. Dyer, USAF Ret
Lee and Cathy Engel
William R. Failor
Jay Fifer
Betty M. Follin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Frey
Ken and Ann Frushour
Jim and Sandy Gangawere
John George 
Dr. and Mrs. Ching-Jou Gou
Dorothy M. Green
Ms. Elizabeth M. Grossnickle
Norine and Ted Haas
Donna Harris
Tal and Patti Hart
John D. Hendrickson II
Darl W. Hinkle
Kurt Holter
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Holz
Forest L. Hough
Ms. Dorothy Hutchinson
Ms. Stella Jordan
John S. Jorgensen
Maureen Kallstrom
Eugene A. LaCroce
Ms. Karlys L. Kline and Mr. Thomas E. Lynch
Ms. Deborah M. Lamperti
Rev. and Mrs. Albert K. Lane, III
Andrew and Laura Lebo
Jack V. Leishear Endowment Fund
Ann Burnside Love
Dan and Pat Lufkin
Nancy and Bob Manthey
Evelyn Manwiller
Anne S. Meyer
Janet I. McCurdy, Esq.
Mike and Rita McGowan
Dr. and Mrs. James Merkel
Marvin and Gail Metzgar
Janet Michael
Ms. Dorothy Misner
Beth Molesworth
Ms. Marilyn Molesworth
Bob and Winnie Mount
Mildred Nicodemus
Mr. Ben Norman and Mrs. Jean Norman
Bob and Joy Onley
Virginia Patrick
Dr. Austin Pearre, Jr.
Tee and Carole Pecora
Joshua Pedersen
Albert Powell, M.D.
Elizabeth Prongas
Ms. Linda Pruitt-Michielli
Frances Randall
Myron and Nancy Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Remsburg
George and Diane Gray Ruszat
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Shoemaker
Pat and Rick Simons
Tom Slater
Clarence F. Smith
George and Carolyn Smith
Ross and Grace Smith
Ms. Susan S. Snyder
William T. Soper
Nancy L. Speck
George and Libby Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dean Stickell
James Summers and Elly Williams
John Stush and Audrey Rayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Tregoning
Michael and Sandra Trout
Teresa Verdin
David H. Wallace
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Warner
Mr. John C. Warfield
Hon. William W. Wenner
Worman's Mill Garden Club
Mike and Marlene Young

To view the list of Widening Circles Society members who so generously contributed to our 2014 campaign which ran from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014, click here.

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