Professional Advisor Council

The Frederick County Professional Advisor Council was formed in 2009 to provide a resource to attorneys, accountants, trust officers, financial planners, certified life underwriters, investment advisors, and other certified, licensed and degreed professionals who advise on financial and legal decisions that may include charitable giving. This resource, combined with collegial networking, supports a multi-disciplinary approach to current and planned charitable giving.

We offer one event annually, usually held in the spring, for networking and educational opportunities. These events are complimentary and provide a forum for connecting with your peers and interacting with expert speakers and professionals regarding charitable giving, planned giving, and philanthropic trends.

As you work with clients who want to make a positive impact on their community and who rely upon your counsel in gaining maximum tax benefits while fulfilling their charitable dreams, the Frederick County Professional Advisers Council is here to support you. For more information and to be added to the Professional Advisor Council email and mailing list, please contact us.

A brochure, "Create Your Legacy, Your Guide to Charitable and Planned Gifts," is available for your office or reception area. It is designed for clients who are charitably inclined, or for those who might not have previously considered giving a charitable gift now or establishing a planned gift through their estate. The full-color brochure contains an easy-to-ready chart that describes a variety of gift plans and how they can help a client achieve their charitable goals. Housed in a clear plastic holder, the brochures are available free-of-charge. To receive, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at 301-695.7660. To view the brochure, click HERE.

Upcoming Event:

Farm Clients and Their Unique Estate Planning Needs
presented by Randall D. Fisher, Esq., founder, Fisher Law Office

Learn more about the enhanced Maryland estate tax exclusion for family farms; the practical aspects of planning an estate, transferring the farm, and treating children equitably when not all the children farm theland, and charitable planning using farm land.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. 
Dutch's Daughter Restaurant, 581 Himes Avenue, Frederick, MD 21703

Click HERE to RSVP, or call 301.695.7660.

Recent Professional Advisor Events:

May 2016
I Do (or Don't). The "What Ifs" of Estate Planning for Couples, Married or Not, presented by Lee Carpenter, Esq., Associate, Semmes, Bowen & Semmes

May 2015
Estate Opportunities for Families, presented by Jeffay Chang, Trust Strategist, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Trust Company

May 2014
Client Charitable Intent - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, presented by Robert Waldman, Esq., Partner, Venable LLC,

May 2013
A New Day for Estate Planning in 2013, presented by Ronald Aucutt, Esq. Partner, McGuireWoods LLP

September 2012
2012/2013 - The Perfect Storm for Philanthropic Planning?, presented by Jonathan Ackerman, Esq., Law Office of Jonathan Ackerman, LLC

June 2012:
Keeping Clients Out of the Charitable Mud Puddle, presented by Janne Gallagher, Esq., Council on Foundations

October 2011:

Social Security and Charitable Giving: Fact or Fiction, presented by Elliott Andalman, Esq., Andalman and Flynn, P.C.

May 2011:

The Medicaid Consequences of Charitable Contributions, present by Jason A. Frank, Esq., CELA, of Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC

September 2010:

Roth IRAs and More: Gift Planning Ideas Your Clients Can Use in 2010, presented by Kathleen Coulahan, Esq., Vice President, M&T Bank.

May 2010:

How An Estate Planning Attorney “Sells” Philanthropy, present by Mr. Darby Bowman, Vice President and Senior Wealth Planner, PNC Wealth Management.

September 2009:

A Gift Planning Stimulus Package: The Past, Present and Future of Gift Planning, presented by Jonathan Ackerman, Esq.

May 2009:

Maximizing Your Charitable Giving Dialogue with Your Clients, presented by Jonathan Ackerman, Esq.


Dan Tregoning, Esq., Chairman
Eric Dallavalle
Kristen Howes
Patricia Jividen, Esq.
Chris Loysen
Scott A. McCaskill, CFP, RFC

Michael McGowan, WMA
Brian E. Rippeon, CPA
Dan Schiffman, CLTC, CLU, CFP
James R. Shoemaker, Esq.
Andrea R. Voeglein


Jeanna H. Adcock, CPA
Mary Ann Aellen, CPA
T.J. Atkinson
Leslie S. Barkley, CPA
Timothy S. Barkley, Esq.
Earl W. Bartgis, Esq.
Luke J. Becker
Philip A. Berkheimer
Claudette Boudreaux
Douglas Boyle, CPA
Lynn Caudle Boynton
Corinne M. Bradac, CPA
Robert D. Brill
John N. Burdette, Esq.
Bill Butts
Jerry Carey, CLU
Dario A. Cavazos
Michael S. Clevenger
Tom Condrasky
Gordon M. Cooley, Esq.
Kathleen A. Costlow
Tim Custer
Lindsay D'Andrea
Anneliese D’Souza, CFP
Michael G. Day, Esq. 
Eric J. Dallavalle
John F. Dallavalle, CPA
Kay R. Dallavalle, CPA
Kathleen M. Davis, CPA
Michael Delauter, Esq.

Valerie Dougherty, CPA
Vanessa Duchman
Jennifer Fair, CPA
Catharine V. Fairley, CPA
Kevin M. Fearnow
Melissa Fedor
Mary Ann Ferguson, Esq.
Todd Flower
Philip Fish
David S. Greber, Esq.
Nathan Harris
Hebba Hassanein, Esq.
Andrew Herold
Kevin R. Hessler, CPA
Byron Hildebrand
Carl R. Hildebrand, CPA
Shane Hildebrand, CPA
George T. Horman, Esq.
Thomas E. Houck, CPA
Michael F. Hosford
Kristen Howes
Sid Huguenin
Patricia Jividen, Esq.
Charles P. Jones, II
Jean M. Joyce, CFP
Robert Kresslein, Esq.
Diane S. Kotkin
Lisa D. Landaverde, CPA
Ron Landsman, Esq. 
Edmund W. Law, Esq.
Dawn Le
Karl A. Lehman
Christine M. Limparis, CPA

Donald C. Linton, CPA
Troy Linton
Cristine Lovetro, Esq.
Chris Loysen
Maria Marrocchi
Chris M. May, Esq.
Scott A. McCaskill, CFP, RFC
Mary H. McCormack
Janet I. McCurdy, Esq.
Jeffrey P. McEvoy, Esq.
Tamara McGaughley
Michael McGinley, CPA
Michael J. McGowan
Matthew C. McGreevy
Megan L. McGrew
Laura A. Melia, Esq.
Dr. James A. Merkel
Anastasia Michaels, Esq.
Sandra L. Miller
Richard Monfred
Shabri Moore, M.S., CFP, AIF
David M. Morders
Scott A. Morrison, Esq.
Wanda P. Mounts
Ethni Mullaney, CPA
Angela K. Murphy, CPA
Sean O'Keefe, Esq. 
W. Jerome Offutt, Esq.
Daniel Papuchis
Joshua H. Parish
Michael R. Perhac, CFP
Connie Phillips

Thomas Pignone
Martha A. Powers, CPA
Timothy C. Price
Amanda Ray, Esq.
John Reim
Brian Richards, CPA
Brian E. Rippeon, CPA
Elliot Robertazza
John Ronald
Kathy E. Schultze, LTCP
Ruth Ann Seligson
Ronald W. Shafer, CPA
P.W. Shaffer
Raymond J. Sheedy
James R. Shoemaker, Esq.
Caryn Siegel, Esq.
Thomas G. Slater
Karen L. Smith, Esq. 
Martin W. Snyder, Esq.
Seymour B. Stern, Esq.
Faith L. Stouffer
James Summers
Gina L. Taylor
Terrance A. Taylor
Kathy Troxell
David Twenhafel
Andrea R. Voeglein
Jill Waltz, CPA
Daniel Ward, CPA
David Wingate, Esq.
Timothy W. Winter, LTCP

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