Professional Advisor Legacy Planner e-News - May 2014

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Advisors Still Fumbling the (Charitable) Ball

During the past ten years many nonprofit organizations have turned over the reins of charitable gift planning to independent professional advisors; however, many advisors have not taken the opportunity to learn about and integrate planned giving into their practices. In this article, advisors Randy Fox and Gary Shunk suggest that advisors who recommend planned gifts will be not only be rewarded financially, they will also develop client relationships that are more fulfilling at a deeper, more meaningful level. And as a result, philanthropy will be better served.

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Beneficiary Designations Deserve Your Attention

Charitable bequests made by will are by far the greatest source of funds from planned gifts. One reason is that they occur after the donor no longer needs the assets to meet her own needs. In addition, a donor has the flexibility to change the terms of a charitable bequest, or revoke it entirely, at any time for any reason, although they rarely do.

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Legacies through Scholarships

The Community Foundation is known for its robust scholarship program, and in June, will be awarding more than a hagradcap.weblf-million dollars for the third consecutive year. These scholarships are made possible through the generosity of donors who wish to impact and help those seeking post-secondary education.

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Giving Back to Their Community

Silbernagels.CFwebcropTo community volunteers and supporters Larry and Shirley Silbernagel, giving back is a way of life. This couple, now retired and residing at Homewood at Crumland Farms, has been highly involved with many Frederick County nonprofits throughout their lifetime, and they continue to be big fans of what they consider is “the right thing to do.”

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